Content Management Is Basically About Content Design

You might have come across many articles or blogs that start with a metaphor or some sort of a joke. However, web design Richmond Hill experts feel that content management should be about design. In fact, this point is strong enough to indicate the fact that content management is design and those who works on it should be called a designer.

Experts of web designing companies feel that apart from providing a great user experience which includes navigation, every other decision, such as placing the content or the image forms a part of decision making. User would find it pointless, if a UI carries a bad content; but UI won’t matter if the content is good.

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Writer Is a Designer

A content writer can be a textual designer. Same is for the editor. Hence, both of them can decide where the images for the content can be placed. The same thing goes for the placement of a link within a paragraph. Hence, every step involved in the process of creating and managing the content can be called as design decision.

According to web design Richmond Hill experts even the client is a designer as he or she might decide to signs off the content. However, off late it has been seen that the design community is also maintaining a flow within their images just like the content. Nowadays, the designers are also working on the process of content management systems in order to restrict the writers with layout and formatting options.

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Problem Is Still There

Restrictive content editors make a lot of effort to make the content look beautiful. Alternatively, Content Management System (CMS) is used that basically restricts the design option. However, it allows the writers to completely focus on writing. It has been seen that it won’t solve the problem for contents which are poorly designed. In case, the client has taken control of the site, they might start to type the entire content in caps.

In favor of simplicity, control should be given to the web design Richmond Hill experts.  The professionals should come up with a strategy that would help the client. It has been seen that on many occasion the urge to strip away control can be a good thing eventually. For instance, it would allow the designers to have complete control of the site and place the content in such a form that it looks beautiful.

Experts feel that taking away control might not be good for the Internet. In fact, web content administrators and creators should be taught to become creative. However, too-much of creativity can lead to mistakes. It is from the mistakes that the designer would be able to learn new things.

According to a study, conducted by web design Richmond Hill professionals, it has been seen that during the 90’s and early ‘00s, most of the works were very bad. However, experts feel that one should look at these mistakes with nostalgia and not with admiration. Mainly because it was during that time the Internet felt more creative and personal.

Experts pointed that there should be a room for content management systems and it should be in the form of art direction and personal flair. However, one thing which one needs to take a look into is the beautiful defaults and educating the people who are going to manage the content. The beautiful defaults should provide more flexibility and creativity. Care should be taken so that the page design doesn’t break because of the flexibility.

Even though designing might be a time-consuming thing, web design Richmond Hill can help clients to create a perfectly designed site with a perfect flow of the content.

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