Clear Quartz: History and Specifications

Clear crystals quartz countertops are the beautiful and costly because of its amazing icy beauty and various benefits of the quartz stone, and the best thing is that it offers the benefits that last for several ages.  Clear quartz stone is crystal clear, a bit cloudy, and almost opaque.   The power of crystal quartz is that it not only offers benefits but also improves the power of other crystals.


Clear Quartz History:

Clear Toronto quartz countertops are popular as this beautiful rock has similar qualities as a gemstone. Also, this stone is popular for its outstanding protective and healing properties since primeval times.  The stone is called as quartz; it came from a European word “Quarz.” It is believed that the clear quartz stone is considered a living thing and it breathes only once in every century.  Also, various cultures still believe that the clear/transparent quartz crystals are embodiments of the Divine.

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Primeval Egyptians use to wear all kinds of jewelry made of clear quartz gemstones. Clear quartz crystals were used in different ways as this transparent quartz contains various healing properties.  Also, if you go back into the history, the ancient Egyptians have carved clear quartz rocks into charms that were buried along with the dead. Ancient Egyptians use to follow this tradition because they believe that the transparent quartz powers at the root of the stone and its beauty could be valued in the afterlife.

Ancient Romans use to believe that the transparent and icy quartz get solidify eventually, and they use to believe that the shaped clear quartz is very useful. Rich women use to hold the balls of clear quartz in their hands so that the quartz will keep them cool during the hot summer season. Also, ancient Romans used to carve the clear quartz and place the rock in signet rings and they use to wear them on their fingers to get the cooling benefits from the rock.

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Also, ancients used clear quartz stones to start sacred fires to thank the gods. These rocks were placed in the sunlight on wood chips. When the sunlight started shining through the transparent quartz and this light would cause the chips to burn brightly into flames. Also, the properties of clear Toronto quartz counterops crystals are also helpful to cure skin wounds. The solar refraction power of the clear quartz has been used by the people from many centuries, including the ancient Lemuria and Atlantis.  This refraction power of the clear quartz is combined into clear quartz meaning.

Aztecs, African tribes, Native American Indians, Egyptians, Scots, and Romans valued the clear quartz crystals for their amazing power of healing at the origin of clear quartz meaning. These ancients used the quartz rock benefits to improve their spiritual development, in meditation, and to remove evil magic curses.

Presently, clear Toronto quartz countertops stone is mostly used for its piezoelectric and pyroelectric quartz powers.  The transparent and colorless quartz can be used in computer memory chips, microphones, radio transmitters and receivers, watches, ultrasound devices, and in several other kinds of electronic devices.

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You can find clear quartz rocks all over the world. Transparent quartz is also called as an ice crystal or rock crystal because of its clear icy quartz color. To find more info click this link!


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